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Cosmetic dental treatments at Allure Dental Care, Barnet

Are you happy with your smile? Do you feel confident about eating in public? Are you comfortable if people are looking at your teeth?

If the answer to any or all of these questions is no then a visit to a dentist has to be a priority.

Good dental health is of paramount importance to your overall well-being.

Maintaining good dental health is a lifelong must-do because the state of your teeth can determine the outcome of many other health issues and conditions.

Bad oral health can lead to halitosis (bad breath), gum disease, disorders and eventual recession and if left unchecked your teeth very existence can be compromised.

Our team will work with patients to ensure their dental health is not only improved where necessary but also maintained on an ongoing basis.

So once the teeth, your gums and your overall dental hygiene are optimised what about your smile factor?

A great smile can boost confidence, self-esteem and can greatly enhance appearance as well as making you look younger. Weve all seen the huge difference a smile makeover can produce in TV makeover shows.

That great smile can work wonders in all aspects of life personal and professional.

A visit to a cosmetic dentist can provide the patient with a number of options to improve and boost that smile factor.

Whether its a recommended teeth whitening process, a replacement of old fillings with white ones or more radical steps such as veneers, restorations, inlays, crowns or dental implants, cosmetic dental treatment can made a radical difference in your smiles appearance and your dental function.

Throughout development and life, teeth may become stained, worn or chipped, twisted or rotated, or may even be lost. At Allure dental care , our experienced dentist can cater for all aspects of cosmetic and aesthetic dentistry to return your smile to as natural a form as possible.Make sure your smile is the best it can be and visit our clinic for bespoke general dentistry as well as the latest cosmetic dentistry techniques including image-changing dental implant surgery.

Dental Bridges

Our dental bridges replace your missing teeth and close unsightly gaps.

There are two main ways to replace the missing teeth.

  • A removable false tooth or teeth, a partial denture made of plastic teeth and acrylic/ metal base.
  • A fixed bridge

Dental Bridges

No one likes a missing tooth. Large gaps between your teeth look unsightly, but can alter your bite, increase strain on surrounding teeth and cause gum disease or decay. Likely bridges can solve the issue. These are fixed false teeth designed to close the gap and restore the functionality anaesthetics of your teeth. Thanks to technology advances in dentistry, porcelain (metal free) bridges are now able to completely imitate your exiting teeth, lending in with your existing smile.

How does a dental bridge work?

  • Bridges can be used to replace one or more missing teeth and consists of 2 crowns (1 on each side of the gaps) between which the false tooth is anchored. Where several teeth are missing the bridge make consist of several teeth joined together. For this to work however, the adjacent teeth need to be in good health. Bridges are custom made in a laboratory and can consist of gold, porcelain fuse to metal or porcelain alone. Each material has pros and cones and we will always have an initial consultation to discuss all available and suitable option for you.Typically, bridges are placed during two appointments:
    • Appointment 1: After numbing the required area, the adjacent teeth are trimmed down slightly to accommodate their bridge. A mould is taken of the prepared teeth in order to fabricate your bridge. At this stage, well also determine the right shade for your bridge and finally well fit a temporary bridge until your new one is ready.
    • Appointment 2: We will remove the temporary bridge and fit the new one. Once we are happy with the fit and the appearance, we will cement it into place and you walk out a new you!

Inlays, Crowns & Veneers

Inlays, Crowns & Veneers are an inexpensive way of cosmetically repairing broken, cracked, worn or unsightly teeth. We use both traditional materials and the more advanced porcelain equivalent to create a great looking smile. After an initial consultation with you we will discuss the most appropriate form of treatment.

Inlays and Onlays

An Inlay or onlay is porcelain filling bonded into place to protect the tooth. These are custom made by our technicians to fit into or over the tooth. They are used when there is insufficient tooth structure to support a directly placed filling. In comparison with crowns, the advantage with inlays or onlays is to preserve more of the tooth structure, as the technique is less invasive.

This is carried out over 2 appointments, the first of which is to prepare the tooth, take impressions and place a temporally inlay.

At the second appointment the permanent porcelain inlay or onlay is bonded to the teeth.

You can find out more about inlays and onlays by visiting Wikipedia.

Dental Crowns

Crowns are an ideal way to rebuild teeth, which have been broken or have been weakened by decay or a very large filling. The crown fits right over the remaining part of the tooth, making it strong and giving it the shape and contour of a natural tooth. Crowns are sometimes also known as caps.

Why would I need a crown?

There are a number of reasons, for instance:

  • The tooth may have been weakened by having a very large filling or an extensive decay.
  • You may have discoloured filling and would like to improve the appearance of the tooth.
  • You may have had a root filling which will need a crown to protect.
  • You may have had an accident and damage the tooth.
  • It may help hold a denture family in place.

Frequently ask questions:

How is a tooth prepared for a crown?
The dentist will prepare the tooth to the ideal shape for the crown. This will mean removing most of the outer surface and leaving a strong inner surface. Once the tooth is shaped, the dentist will take an impression of the prepared tooth as well as opposing teeth and will register your bite. The impression will be sent to the technician along with any other information they need to make the crown.

Will the crown to be noticeable?
No. The crown will be made to match your other teeth exactly. The shade of the neighbouring teeth will be recorded, and we will make sure that the colour looks natural and matches the surrounding teeth. A temporary crown, usually made in plastic, will be fitted at the end of the first appointment to last until the permanent one is ready. These temporary crowns maybe more noticeable, but they are only in place for about two weeks.

How long does the treatment take?
You will need to have at least two visits; the first for the preparation, impression, shade taking and fitting the temporary crown, and the second to fit the permanent crown.

Does it hurt to have a tooth prepared for a crown?
No. A local anaesthetic is used and the preparation should feel no different from a filling. If the tooth does not have a nerve, and a post crown is being prepared, then local anaesthetic may not be needed.

How long will a crown last?
The life of a crown will depend on how well it is looked after. The crown itself cannot decay, but decay can start where the edge of the crown joins the tooth. Its very important to keep this area as clean as your other teeth. Crowns will last for many years if properly cared and maintained.

How are crowns fixed to teeth?
Once the fit and appearance of the crown has been checked and approved by you, it will be cemented in place with special dental cement.

Will the crown feel different?
Because the shape of the crown will be slightly different from the shape of your tooth before it was crowned, you may be aware of it to begin with. Within a few days it should feel fine and will not notice it. The crown may need some adjustments if it feels higher than the surrounding teeth.


What is the veneer?

A veneer is a thin layer of porcelain made to fit over the front surface of the tooth, like a false finger nail fits over nail. Sometimes a natural colour composite material is used instead of porcelain, but this material may get discoloured after few years. They are very precisely crafted so that they can fit over the surface of the effected tooth in order to hide discolouration or protected if its chipped or broken.

What are the advantages of veneer?

  • Can improve the shape, colour and position of your teeth.
  • Can make your teeth look natural and healthy.
  • Little tooth preparation required.
  • Whitens teeth permanently.
  • Can greatly improve the appearance of your smile.


Smile Makeovers

Get a fantastic smile with a range of our cosmetic dental services

Are you currently unhappy with your smile but dont know where to start?

Do you want to change your smile to improve the colour, shape or length of your teeth?

Just because were all grown up doesnt mean we should miss out on the endless benefits of a sensational smile. An attractive, bright and confident smile is now a matter of choice and not just a right of birth.

Modern dentistry has a solution for all your oral imperfections we can now transform a mouth filled with broken, missing or discoloured teeth and replace silver fillings with a more natural white finish.

Studies show that the smile is usually the most important and best-remembered feature when we meet a new person. A smile make over doesnt just transform your mouth, it changes your life.

Small makeovers involve dental treatment design to improve appearance, facial expression and to give patients a natural looking bright smile.

These treatments may include teeth whitening, white fillings, veneers, crowns and dental implants.

Trial Smile

Our unique trial smile allows you to see your new smile before committing to any treatments. Our technicians take a mould of your mouth and produce a perfectly safe, plastic mock-up of your teeth, which incorporates your intended treatments. When you and us are happy with your smile then your trial smile is converted into your permanent smile. In this way, your smile is perfect for you.

Teeth Whitening

Tooth whitening is a solution to return discoloured or stained teeth to their natural white colour. Power whitening or supervised home whitening are two available options. Power whitening is easily done within our practice in only an hour and a half, and involves a whitening gel being applied to the teeth and lightened with a curing light.

For more information please contact the surgery.

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