HydraFacial : A Medical Grade Facial

A HydraFacial is a non-invasive skincare process that employs exclusive technologies to enhance the look and health of the skin. This prestigious procedure employs cutting-edge technology to distribute botanical nutrients, completely cleanse the face, and provide an immediate shine. It is a six-step, 30-60minute procedure that uses the least amount of force possible to address particular skin issues.

The HydraFacial is not an ordinary facial; it is an adventure, a delight, and a boost to one’s self-esteem. It emphasizes “Skin Health for Life” and provides distinctive components to address rosacea, acne, and pigmentation. The procedure is time-efficient and produces excellent results, giving you a premier medical facial that not only looks nice but also feels wonderful.

A HydraFacial includes what steps?

To eliminate toxins from the skin, the HydraFacial requires a number of steps. The 1st step is a soothing lymphatic drainage process to remove toxic waste that has accumulated. The removal of dead skin cells and exfoliation using a mild vortex are done in the 2nd step to make the skin more light-reflective. In the 3rd step, a mixture of salicylic acid and glycolic acid is used to remove impurities and dead skin cells from the skin and stop acne pustules. A gentle vortex extraction is performed in the 4th step to get rid of debris. Utilizing vortex technology to deliver antioxidant formulae, peptides, and hyaluronic acid for detoxification is the 5th step. The 6th step entails performing red and blue LED facial treatment

Personalized to meet what your skin requires:

In order to address a variety of skin issues, the HydraFacial skin treatment quickly moisturizes and rejuvenates the skin. It works for all skin types and tones and can improve a variety of skin conditions, including oily skin, dull skin, dry skin, open pores and acne, flaky skin, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, elasticity and firmness, even tone and brightness, tone and texture, and photo-damage and aging.

Are HydraFacials unique from other facials?
Due to the suction mechanism used in HydraFacials to remove dead skin cells, they are softer and more relaxing than microdermabrasion. Regular facials are necessary for keeping healthy skin, and depending on individual goals, different facials may produce varying results. One of the finest methods for preserving the health of your skin is a good all-around facial, that is “HydraFacial”.

Pros of a HydraFacial:

  • Using the HydraFacial treatment, dull, sallow complexions can be cleared by increasing cell turnover.
  • It may be completed quickly, taking only 30 to 60 minutes, and is safe for delicate skin.
  • Working professionals might benefit from the gentleness and use of natural components in the therapy. Acne, rosacea, and clogged pores can all be successfully treated with it.
  • Using moisturizing serums, the procedure intensively moisturizes the skin while exfoliating the top layer of dead skin cells off the skin. It evens out skin tone, minimizes the size of pores, and minimizes fine lines and wrinkles.
  • By unclogging blocked pores and causing fewer outbreaks, HydraFacial can also help acne. Various skin types can benefit from the therapy, which can be tailored to address specific skin issues.
    HydraFacial – Pain-free process:
    The HydraFacial procedure feels like a little suction softly pulsating on the face. It is non-invasive, painless, ideal for all skin types and colours, and has no downtime, recovery requirements, or adverse effects.

Prior to treatment: dos and don’ts:

  • week prior to your visit, stop utilising topical products containing Retin-A, Retinols, AHAs, Benzoyl Peroxide, and glycolic acid.
  • For two weeks prior to and two weeks following the procedure, stay away from sun exposure and use SPF40+ on a daily basis times.
  • People who have current cold sores, skin tags, wounds, sunburn, overly sensitive skin, nickel allergies, dermatitis, or inflammatory rosacea should avoid hydra facials.
  • Arrive cleanly and makeup-free. Describe any medical issues you may have and any prescription drugs you are taking, such as antibiotics or steroids.
  • Seven days prior to and following the procedure, stop using hair removal lotion, fake tanner, bleaching treatments, strong emollients, and fragrances.
  • Use antiviral medicine prior to therapy and continue for a week if you’ve had a history of cold sores.

Aftercare of HydraFacial:

  • Stay hydrated (drink plenty of water and fresh juices).
  • Use a good daily moisturiser and serum, and add HydraFacials into your usual beauty regimen to maintain a hydra facial.
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight and tanning booths for up to 3 days after receiving a HydraFacial.
  • In morning, only wash your face with a PCA Face Wash or hydro-peptide exfoliate Cleanser.

Consult a professional:

Visit an Allure dental care clinic to speak with a qualified skin care professional. They will clean and examine your skin, talk about which HydraFacial is best, explain how it works, suggest at-home skincare, and address any concerns you may have.