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invisalign ® - the ultimate braces solution.

Orthodontic Treatments - Invisalign

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Invisalign® from £6.50 per day.
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Why Invisalign®?

Because you don’t have to choose between traditional braces’ effectiveness and the convenience of more cosmetic clear aligners, with Invisalign®, you can get both.

Invisalign® uses a series of clear aligners created just for you that move your teeth gradually into their ideal position. With Invisalign, you have the power to straighten your teeth without anyone knowing you’re even wearing anything at all.

What are the benefits of having Invisalign®?

It’s virtually undetectable –  Straightening your teeth is so subtle that no one will notice that you’re doing it. That’s why the Invisalign® system is so discreet.

Comfortable – Invisalign® is the ultimate braces solution. They’re comfortable and more flexible than traditional braces. They’re also removable, so you can look after your teeth as usual and even brush them with ease.

With iTero, your Invisalign® treatment is planned virtually before we even begin!

The iTero scanner captures detailed 3D images of your teeth. Using a small wand, our certified Invisalign® clinicians will then carefully scan your teeth and your bite to create a 3D digital model of your teeth. This digital model is then used to plan your treatment, allowing our clinicians to see your Invisalign® journey played out on screen step-by-step providing information that is impossible for us to get from just using hands on impressions.

From the very beginning, you’ll be able to see what your teeth will look like once you finish treatment. It takes the guesswork out of treatment planning, so you can start to see your smile before any work is done.

Fixed Braces


Brace Yourself for Fixed Braces!

Fixed braces are placed on the teeth with a bracket bonded to each tooth, using posts cemented into the teeth themselves. A small metal wire is then fixed to those brackets. The wire is held in place by small loops attached to it, called modules or simply colors.

They can be used to correct various dental problems such as crowded or misaligned teeth.

Your orthodontist will check your braces and make changes every four to ten weeks, gradually adjusting and shifting the wires.

More types of fixed braces are now available in numerous designs and colour options and are highly discreet. Lingual braces, which have been around for about 20 years, are worn almost entirely behind the teeth, and ceramic braces, which are also popular, feature modern tooth-coloured fronts that blend in even more than ever before.

If you're looking for a more comfortable orthodontic experience, consider the advantages of having Fastbraces®

Fastbraces® were created to straighten the teeth in a unique way. Fastbraces® is a groundbreaking system of quick, comfortable, simple, and affordable braces, and it is changing the world of orthodontics. It is a complete, non-extraction method that provides patients with excellent results in almost all cases.

Fastbraces® combines the use of metal, high-tech ceramics and a patented technological design to provide an easy, non-extraction way to straighten crooked teeth.

With advanced technology inside the braces and the specially designed brackets that replace traditional elastics, Fastbraces® provide a gentle force on teeth. This gentle force supports your natural mechanism for tooth movement in different directions needed to correct a wide range of defects.

The wait is over

With our expertly crafted Fastbraces® Classic and Clear, you’ll gain a dazzling, beautiful smile in less than half the time as traditional braces.

Revolutionary Turbo® brackets allow us to deliver the fastest orthodontic treatment for a beautiful smile. For adults who want to get their braces in as little as 120 days and everyone else who desires quick results.
  • The majority of Fastbraces® cases do not require any tooth extraction, unlike traditional braces, which often require a tooth extraction.
  • Less negative impacts on oral hygiene
  • Less time in the chair means less discomfort, and that in turn means less cost!

Orthodontics for children

Are you concerned about your children’s dental health? Let our dentists quickly and efficiently diagnose the problem and provide a quality treatment plan.

Allure Dental Care provides a wide selection of orthodontic treatments for children. We make braces easy and fun with a caring, professional staff to help guide your child through the process.

Benefits of early orthodontic treatment

  • Improved self-confidence and quality of life.
  • Improve your child’s speech, eating, and appearance.
  • Minimized permanent tooth movement.
  • Decreased risk for the child of developing dental decay or jaw development .
When it comes to braces, there are more choices than ever before. There are several different ways kids can have their teeth straightened, including traditional metal braces, tooth-coloured or clear ceramic braces that fit over the teeth or clear aligners (Invisalign), and more. It’s essential to start by having an initial consultation with a dentist or orthodontist to advise which type of treatment will be the best choice for your child.

Removable Braces for children

Removable braces, also called initial orthodontics, are considered a mild and gentle option for children.

Custom-made from plastic (acrylic), these braces are barely visible when worn. They carry wire clips and springs to clip to the teeth and get support from the roof, depending on the case. Because your child’s teeth are still developing, it’s important that they wear their removable orthodontic braces for the total amount of time recommended by their dentist.

With a wide variety of colours to choose from, helping your child stay on track is easy!

Fixed Braces

Fixed braces are small attachments (brackets) cemented to the teeth. Braces are designed to move each tooth into its correct position and tilt it inwards. The brackets used in fixed braces are so sophisticated that every tooth bracket has an entirely different design.

They are made from either ceramic or metal. Both can be finished to blend in with the colour of the teeth for a more natural look.


Invisalign® clear aligners offer a comfortable solution that can straighten teeth in half the time. Invisalign®’s clear aligners are easy to wear and can be removed at any time. If your child meets all of the requirements, then clear braces are the best way to straighten their smile and boost their self-confidence.


At Allure Dental Care in Barnet, we use the latest technology and advanced materials.

Compared to the traditional way of full mouth X-rays, our dental OPG can help uncover potential problems with more accuracy.

Our priority is your comfort and safety, which is why we were among the first to install this innovative device.

Patients who visit Allure Dental Care will receive a complete examination and x-ray to prevent dental issues.

What is OPG?

Our dental panoramic x-ray called an OPG opens up a whole new view of your smile.

It takes just a few seconds to produce high-quality images showing a much more comprehensive view of your teeth and gums than a traditional 2D dental X-Ray, which only takes a picture of two to four tooth surfaces and is currently the standard practice in most dental clinics.

During the scan, you will have to keep your chin on a chin rest and bite down on a piece of sterile plastic. You will be required to stay still for less than ten seconds whilst the machine rotates around your head. The scan produces a panoramic view of your teeth, gums, and bones.

Benefits of OPG

It makes it easy to diagnose, treat and communicate your treatment plan with your dentist.

OPGs can also help dentists to spot with far more accuracy tooth decay, cavities and gum problems even before you experience symptoms. And they can also be used to take detailed digital orthodontic records, which is critical for orthodontic treatment.

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